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20 June 2021

For any fans looking for a new John Peyton Cooke novel, I can reveal that my 8th novel is finished, exists in manuscript format, and is currently navigating the slow and labyrinthine ways of the publishing world. It is the best thing I’ve written to date (maybe). Future updates will be noted here, whenever there’s news to share.





19 June 2021

A few updates are in order. My short story “Electric Pink” will indeed appear, ultimately, whenever it is that PINK TRIANGLE RHAPSODY is published; amid COVID this has been delayed until at least October 2022. So please stay tuned ...

However, in the meantime, my tale “The Man Who Hated Foley” is already out and available in THE PULP HORROR BOOK OF PHOBIAS, VOL. 2 (published December 2020), from Lycan Valley Press.

Another recent tale, “Let’s Make a Face”, was published as an original in the really exquisite volume THE VALANCOURT BOOK OF HORROR STORIES, VOL. 4, in October 2020. Valancourt Books have also reprinted my queer vampire novel OUT FOR BLOOD.





26 December 2019

I have two new short stories coming out in 2020. The first is “Electric Pink” to be published in PINK TRIANGLE RHAPSODY (October 2020), and the second is called “The Man Who Hated Foley” to be published in THE PULP HORROR BOOK OF PHOBIAS, VOL. 2 (date TBD, 2020), both from Lycan Valley Press. My queer vampire novel OUT FOR BLOOD was reprinted in October 2019 by Valancourt Books.






3 August 2019

Cover reveal … The reprint of my 1991 queer vampire novel OUT FOR BLOOD is coming in October from Valancourt Books. I’m in good company, as Valancourt publishes other authors I cherish, such as James Purdy, Simon Raven, David Storey, Robert Aickman, Bari Wood, Joan Samson, Francis King, Richard Matheson, Robin Maugham, Michael Talbot, Michael McDowell, Colin Wilson, Bram Stoker, and William Beckford, &c.





22 March 2018

I am pleased to announce that my gay vampire novel OUT FOR BLOOD will be reprinted within the next year or so by Valancourt Books (publication date TBC). I love their catalogue. They publish “Horror & Supernatural,” “Gay Interest,” and “Neglected Classics.” Feel free to debate which of these singular categories OUT FOR BLOOD belongs to. It was originally published in 1991 by Avon Books (cover at right) toward the tail end of the horror glut.






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